Thursday, 26 February 2009

redesigning america's future

entering the new obama age, the united states design community, acting together with governmental agencies, has recently issued a document proposing actions towards an official national design policy.

the document redesigning america's future is available at the u.s. national design policy initiative website. there are other important documents to be seen at the website: the summit report and the presentations, that may help to get a broader picture of what happened at this meeting held last november (11th and 12th) in washington. besides other references, their initial discussions were based at least in two older documents also quoted in the website: one about the federal design improvement program from 1972 and also an article written by neil kleinman in 1973 for print magazine entitled design and the federal government.

the u.s. national design summit was organized by dr. elizabeth (dori) tunstall, associate professor of design anthropology at the university of illinois at chicago (author of an interesting blog, dori's moblog - take a look at it). 

this is curious, because i remember that the issue "why the u.s. doesn't have a national design policy?" was brought into discussion during the international forum of public design policies which i organized during the brazil design week last september in rio de janeiro. and in the same month of november (when they have their meeting that resulted in the u.s. initiative) we have brought together several associations discussing the creation of the brazilian design forum, an organism that will certainly help to foster the development of national and regional design policies in brazil. it seems that we are running in synchronicity with many other iniciatives around the globe today. good to know.

hope you enjoy all the important links above!

changes in the design patents scenery in china

in this short video (only 3 minutes long), available through the idsa website, lorraine justice, director from the school of design of the hong kong polythecnic university talks about the raise in the number of design patents in the last years, the proposed changes in the patent laws in china, and how this should influence the design business in the next years.