Thursday, 5 November 2009

5th november, designer's day

in brazil, we celebrate today the designer's day* together with the second edition of the brazil design week - a great event promoted by abedesign to close a difficult year, that hopefully has prepared the ground for a great year to brazilian design in 2010. (it's worth a retrospective at the end of this year)

i thought this was the perfect timing to get back and feed this blog, even if it's promising of more frequent posts from now on...

already established in england, i'm beginning my doctoral studies in design policies at cranfield university's c4d - centre for competitive creative design. and from here i hope to share at least some of what i'm experiencing - as the opening of the observeur du design 10 exhibition - le beau, l'utile, le design - in paris, last 22/10, or the seminar managing as designing: what next? at said business school, in oxford, last week (30/10), or the genuine mining of selected sources, interesting books and documents which is the initial part of the research.

while in shangai, on the other side (of the world), my friend bruno porto celebrates today the move to the icograda congress, in beijing, of the 9th brazilian bienal of graphic design, after the huge success it reached at the shanghai international creative industry week 2009 (which can be viewed at his blog loto azul).

so much to comment, really don't know where to start - but it seems a good idea begin doing my weekly homework for my phd, and then come back to write...

*designer's day was created in brazil by a presidential decree in 1998, on the birthday of aloisio magalhães, a pioneer of brazilian design who brought a great contribution to establish, inside the federal government, the principles towards a public policy for the sector.