Friday, 31 October 2014

design policies: the thesis

from october 2009 to may 2013 i was fully dedicated to research, discuss, and write about public design policies. that was the length of my stay at cranfield university, united kingdom, developing my doctoral studies. finally in november 2013 i went through my viva (final exam) and was approved, after reviewing a few topics suggested.

the research was entitled: the impact of european design policies and their implications on the development of a framework to support future brazilian design policies.

only recently the library of the university made available a link to my phd thesis, which i now share with you:

i hope you enjoy and make a good use of it!


in a ceremony on 27.11.2014, my phd thesis was honoured with the first prize at the 28th design award from the museum of brazilian home, in the category of unpublished writings. the mcb award is the most traditional design award in brazil, and is distributed since 1986.

update 2:

on 23.05.2016 i had the honour to receive the highest distinction (gold award trophy) from the international award objeto:brasil, becoming the second award given to my thesis.