Saturday, 2 August 2008

the last leave of the notebook

in most articles and websites mentioned here you will notice that when talking about development, economical and industrial growth, innovation, and in design as a tool to help forster all of that, usually the word used is not design alone, but good design. and good design seems to be lacking in the indiscriminate proliferation of design courses in Brazil, as pointed in the documentary shown above, "a folha que sobrou do caderno" (the last leave of the notebook), produced with great competence by young designers recently emerged from university (- which probably means that there is still hope?).

I might not even agree with some generalization of problems and idealization of solutions shown on some of the testimonies over the 30 minutes of this documentary, but it is, without doubt, a great contribution to the discussion on the proper teaching of design, which is a crucial tool for the achievement of our goal of an extensive and widespread quality.

the movie has it's script and direction shared by alexander czajkowski, mauro alex rego and gabriel costa rodrigues, and was produced by boana estudio. congratulations to a new generation that is born seeing with their own eyes and thinking a lot!

"for a new thinking we do need people that work with their own hands" (bertold brecht, quoted in the movie)

it is in portuguese, but for those of you interested in the challenge, the film has subtitles - also in portuguese!

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Mauro Alex said...

Dear professor, thank you for the release and commentaries, I've just seen it today, 1 year and half after the film premier. We already have a subtitled english version, but the google videos doesn’t allow upload nothing else (we gonna put it in the Vimeo, probably) - if you want, we can send it to you.

Best regards

Mauro Alex Rego