Sunday, 2 January 2011

a tale of two logos

the first logo: rio 2016 summer olympic games

the logo for rio 2016 summer olympic games was launched during a two-million people new year's party in copacabana beach, rio de janeiro. designed by the local studio tátil (one of the best design studios in brazil), it was a consequence of a process that begun several months ago, in a competition developed by the brazilian olympic committee with the support of the national graphic designers association, adg brazil, the brazilian association of design companies, abedesign, the brazilian association of advertising agencies, abap, and the executive board of standard rules, cenp. the competition was established upon the scope proposed by icograda, the international council of graphic design associations, and the whole process was supervised by adg, with clear and fair rules. 139 design agencies have applied, being eight selected and hired to develop concepts. the winner was chosen (and then further developed) by a team of 15 people that included representatives from the institutions involved and several experts. a transparent and well-managed process.

the outcome: a good concept, well balanced, with a careful developed lettering, unquestionably a very professional development, suggesting a number of good applications - including a beautiful 3d model shown at the launching party.

before moving to the next logo, watch these two inspiring videos - the official launch of the logo and a report on the creative process (in portuguese + english subtitles):

the second logo: fifa world football cup brazil 2014

the logo of fifa world football cup brazil 2014 was launched at the end of the south africa football cup, last july. however, it had previously leaked and was known since the end of may - yet another stumbling block in a process with much less transparency than the olympic games logo competition.

initially the same adg brazil (the brazilian graphic designers association) was invited to advise in the process of the competition, but apparently turned away by disagreements never clearly defined, clouded by a confidentiality agreement. the final logo was developed by fifa's advertising agency in brazil, agencia africa. according to fifa seven other agencies were invited - but it was never clear, again due to confidentiality agreements. the final choice of the logo was made by a "committee of notables", composed by the president of the brazilian football confederation, the executive secretary of fifa, the best seller author paulo coelho, the brazilian pop singer ivete sangalo, the super-model gisele bundchen, the 102 years old brazilian legend architect oscar niemeyer, and the german-born "brazilian" pop-star designer hans donner. undoubtedly far from a technical committee.

the logo was disclosed under heavy criticism specially from brazilian designers, which felt themselves misrepresented when the quality of brazilian design is conquering space - and many awards - worldwide. they appointed its childlike drawing, several construction problems, a bad lettering and even the disproportionate display of registered trade mark and copyright symbols as some clear signs of a non-professional creation. and it came to be known as a face hidden by a palm in an attitude of shame.

and how does it relate to design policies?

it's simple: public design competitions and procurement processes should be conducted by professional design associations or with their continuous advisement. there are clear internationally accepted rules to manage it, developed after decades of experience by institutions such as the international council of graphic design associations, icograda, and the international council of societies of industrial design associations, icsid. to ignore this might jeopardise the process and its outcomes.

(portuguese version / versão em português:

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